The Ketchup Effect

There are ups and downs in daily life as researcher. For me I got a ketchup effect lately which led to that three research papers were published as a result of good research teamwork. The papers concerns: childbirth experiences in slow labour, midwifery childbirth care, and midwifery education, regulation and association.

Childbirth experiences in slow labour

As part of a randomized controlled trial, we concluded that there were no significant differences in childbirth experiences between primiparous women with slow labour progress who had received early versus postponed oxytocin augmentation.

Article: Women’s experiences after early versus postponed oxytocin treatment of slow progress in first childbirth – a randomized controlled trial

Midwifery childbirth care

Furthermore the situation of midwifery education, regulation and association in six South Asian countries were reported. Data were collected via three questionnaires constructed by the International Confederation of Midwives and United Nations Population Fund.

Article: Midwifery education, regulation and association in six South Asian countries – A descriptive report

Midwifery education, regulation and association

We also, finally, succeeded to develop a midwifery model of woman-centered childbirth care based on a synthesis of findings from 12 of our own published qualitative studies performed in Sweden and Iceland.

Article: A midwifery model of woman-centred childbirth care – In Swedish and Icelandic settings


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  1. Helena
    Maj 23, 2012 @ 14:20:53

    Congratulations to the successful submissions, Marie! Important and interesting subjects, especially useful do I find the article on midwifery theory.


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