Fear of childbirth – with a focus on women´s experiences of giving birth

Christina Nilsson midwife at Sahlgrenska University Hospital and MSc defended her thesis about fear of childbirth on 8th June at Linnaeus University. By listening to birth stories from women a new understanding of fear of childbirth was mediated. Central aspects were women´s previous experiences of what was happening in the delivery room. The women felt that there was no place for them and that the midwives didn´t gave the support they needed. Instead they felt as objects and not as a women giving birth; “I was more or less an object, not a human being but something they had to get something out of “. A negative birth experience was more important than mode of delivery; Caesarean section to explain fear of childbirth one year after the birth. These findings show the importance of listening to women´s birth experiences and critically evaluate care in relation to childbirth.

The women as an object during childbirth interpreted by Monty Python


Christina Nilsson and the opponent professor Anna-Karin Dykes Lund University.

The celebration of the thesis was carried out in Kungsbacka. A very nice evening with a friendly atmosphere, and nice music from Christina’s two daughters Johanna and Klara and their friends.

More information about Christina Nilsson and the thesis:

Press release from Linnaeus University (in Swedish)

Press release from University of Borås (in Swedish)

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    Jun 11, 2012 @ 10:30:10

    Congratulations Tina!
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