The Midwife’s work at a Normal Child Delivery – Research and Experience


Studentlitteratur (a Swedish publishing agency) has recently published a new book called ”The Midwife’s work at a Normal Child Delivery – Research and Experience” (Barnmorskans handläggning vid normal förlossning – forskning och erfarenhet). The authors of the book are Helena Lindgren, Associate Professor (docent) at Sahlgrenska Academy, Ingela Wiklund, Associate Professor (docent) at the Karolinska Insitutet and Chair of the Swedish Association of Midwifes and Margareta Rehn, operative Midwife and editor of the magazine Jordemoder.

The book is a practical manual that should be easy to use in clinical application and an accessible source of knowledge for Midwifery students. The book includes many anatomical illustrations, descriptions of the current state of knowledge within midwifery research and each chapter ends with guidelines that Midwives can use in their operational work. A few opinions about the book:

”I think it is really good that we now have a book about normal child delivery, which is the first one in Sweden. For the Midwifery programme, it is of great importance because a normal child delivery is the Midwives area of responsibility and it is the local profile of the programme here at Sahlgranska Academy, Gothenburg University. Ingela Lundgren, Head of Department, Insituteof Health and Care Sciences, Professor and Midwife.

”I got the book today and think it is VERY GOOD (read it at a single sitting)! It is simple, brief and clear. It suited me perfectlyafter having started as Midwife again after 6 years on leave. I will bring the book with me to work next week because Midwives need it!” Christina Nilsson, Researcher and Midwife.

”The factual presentation as well as the questioning of routines that are not based on evidence, make this book valuable for all operational Midwives to argue on how the best care for women in delivery and their related should be given. The hope is that this book will help increase normal child deliveries so that also Sweden can reach the 75-80% normal child deliveries that WHO considers possible.” Ingegerd Hildingsson, Professor and Midwife.


Here you can read the article in Swedish:

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