Launch of book: New Thinking on Improving Maternity Care International Perspectives.

This volume, in which Marie Berg is one of the coeditors, is the result of international research within the COST Action IS907: “Childbirth Cultures, Concerns & Consequences”, aiming at finding and generating the best possible evidence across a range of childbirth practices, contexts, and issues in Europe.

Read more and download the Pressrelease here: Press release 2017

Mapping well-being and self-efficacy of diabetes management in early pregnant women with type 1 diabetes – a new study from the University of Gothenburg

168 pregnant women with type 1 diabetes answered questionnaires in early pregnancy. The aim of the study was to investigate associations among perceived well-being and diabetes self-efficacy of diabetes management.

  • The women reported relatively high scores of self-efficacy in diabetes management
  • A higher capability of self-efficacy in diabetes management, showed positive correlations with self-perceived health and well-being as well as negative correlations with diabetes distress and hypoglycemia worries

Conclusions are that caregivers could support well-being and self-efficacy in diabetes management in women with type 1 diabetes during early pregnancy by trough a person-centred approach :

  1. Strengthen their own capability and responsibility to achieve the defined goals for HbA1C in pregnancy, while making it clear that she can only do as good as she  can in striving for optimal blood glucose levels
  1. Support their manage of daily life with focus on the glycemic control and how to manage fear of hypo- and hyperglycemic episodes

Read the full paper in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Intensive creative three day work in the childbirth research group

Prof. Cecily Begley in action

Prof. Cecily Begley in action

The Childbirth Research Group has had intensive and creative work with support from Prof Cecily Begley. On Tuesday 21st October, the group met for a whole day of discussions on strategic planning for research. Prof Begley presented the compilation of research outputs achieved by the group in the five-year period 2010-2014. Final additions will be made to the table at the end of the year and the implementation of the next five-year strategic plan will then commence in January 2015. (mer…)

Midwives’ lived experience of a birth where the woman suffers an obstetric anal sphincter injury – A phenomenological study

The occurrence of obstetric anal sphincter injuries has increased in Sweden during the last twenty years. From women’s point of view, the experience of sustaining a sphincter injury during childbirth appears to be a complex phenomenon that affects them both physiologically and psychologically and alters their understanding of their identity as sexual beings. (mer…)