Ewa Carlsson-Lalloo

Fotograf: Pernilla Lundgren, SÄS

Ewa Carlsson-Lalloo. Fotograf: Pernilla Lundgren, SÄS

Profession: Registered Nurse at the Clinic of Infectious Diseases, Södra Älvsborg Hospital, Borås.

Academic level: Master in Caring Science, 2014

Registration as doctoral student: February 2014

Thesis title: HIV-positive women´s sexual and reproductive health

Research projectThe doctoral student research project will create knowledge about sexual and reproductive health among HIV-positive women in Sweden from a holistic caring perspective. Due to the introduction and the effectiveness of antiretroviral treatment (ART) HIV now is seen as a chronic illness in well-treated persons. Still, being a HIV-positive woman presents unique challenges regarding sexual and reproductive health such as partner relations, sexual satisfaction and child bearing. Sexual and reproductive health is an integrated part of being human and important parts of good health. In the doctoral project meanings of sexuality and childbearing in HIV-positive women will be explored in a meta-synthesis of published qualitative studies, in a qualitative meaning-oriented interviews study with HIV-positive women in Sweden, and through a quality of life questionnaire (QOL).

Link to the research project:

Planned disputation: February 2021

Contact details: ewa.carlsson.lalloo@gu.se, ewa.carlsson.lalloo@vgregion.se  telephone +46(0)701-19 15 11



  1. Åsa Carlsson
    mar 24, 2015 @ 19:54:41

    Good luck !


    • Ewa
      mar 25, 2015 @ 09:27:10

      Thank you for all your support.


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