Judith Mukamurigo

Judith Mukarumigo

Judith Mukamurigo

Profession: Registered Nurse

Academic level: Master in Biostatistics and Epidemiology 2005; Master in Health and Development 2006

Registration as doctoral student: ​February 2014

Thesis title: Intrapartum care quality in uncomplicated pregnancies at health services in rural and urban areas in Rwanda

Research project: This doctoral project is part of research project funded by SIDA focusing maternal health and health care in Rwanda aiming at improving the quality of health care facilities in Rwanda. This doctoral project is divided into two parts; the first one is related to childbirth experience and the second one to the management of intrapartum services of normal labour and delivery.

Link to the research project:

Planned disputation: 2017/December

Contact details: jmukama@nursph.org; judith.mukamurigo@gu.se +46(0) 76-150 29 73