Malin Edqvist

Malin Edqvist undervisning

Malin Edqvist

Profession: RNM (registered nurse midwife)

Academic level: Degree of master (one year) 2007

Registration as doctoral student: ​April 2012

Thesis title: Prevention of perineal injuries in childbirth – management in labour and birth.

Research projectThe objective of this project is to investigate posterior perineal injuries in childbirth in relation to different aspects of care and in different birth settings. Midwives experiences of attending a birth where the woman suffers severe perineal trauma is one the aspects studied.

Malin Edqvist is involved in The Nordic Homebirth project and will be studying posterior perineal injuries, birth positions and waterbirth in this cohort of women.

Posterior perineal injuries will also be investigated in an intervention study; MIMA – midwives management of the second stage of labour. The objective of this study is to compare midwives strategies of protecting women from perineal injuries during birth and to assess whether these strategies are related to perineal outcome.

Link to the research project: –

Planned disputation: May 2017

Contact details:, +46(0)70-992 14 87