Malin Hansson

Malin HanssonProfession: Registered Nurse and registered Midwife

Academic level: Master 2012

Registration as doctoral student: ​September 2015

Thesis title: The work situation for midwives at delivery wards focusing models of care, and job satisfaction

Research project:  The overall aim of this project is to study the work situation for midwives at delivery wards related to 1) the influence of models of care, job satisfaction, the delivery outcome and satisfaction of care for women, and 2) experiences from midwives and other health professionals. This doctoral project is a separate study related to MiMo (midwifery model of woman-centred care), an ongoing study started in January 2015, aiming to evaluate and assess a model of woman-centred care provided by midwives during childbirth in Swedish and Icelandic delivery wards. During the last year midwives in Sweden have called out the need for more resources to maternity care, claiming that one of the important factors missing is opportunities to give safe and supportive care to the woman. Stress and high work load in Swedish delivery wards have been reported, and more than one third of Swedish midwives report some kind of burnout, and had considered leaving the profession. A mixed method design will be used for this doctoral project which includes both quantitative and qualitative research methods. By gaining knowledge about factors related to the work situation for midwives such as models of care, women´s delivery outcome and satisfaction of care, and experiences from health professionals a better understanding of factors of importance for improving maternity care for both midwives and women may be reached.

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Planned disputation: December 2019

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