Shurouq Hawamdeh

Shurouq Hawamdeh

Shurouq Hawamdeh

Profession: Full time midwife lecturer, Registered Midwife.

Academic level: Master 2006

Registration as doctoral student: 2012/09

Thesis title: The Jordanian Midwives’ Model on the Attitude towards Labour Pain: Answer from Mixed Methods

Research project: This doctoral project is a separate study about the “Models on the attitude towards labour pain”, a four year research project funded by Erasmus Mundus JOSYLEEM and the University of Gothenburg. The aim of this project is to capture Jordanian midwives’ model on the attitude towards labour pain, and explore whether attending Jordanian midwives meet the women’s expectations and whether they are knowledgeable and skilled at working with labour pain. This is a major concern for midwives, women, hospital administrators and policymakers, if quality of care is to be ensured in Jordanian public hospitals.

Link to the research project: NA Planned disputation: 2016/09

Contact details:, +46 (0)72-249 84 06