MODIAB-early motherhood


For women with type 1 diabetes, the intensive antenatal, diabetes care during pregnancy is abruptly interrupted after the child is born. They are in a vulnerable situation of own fluctuating and unstable blood glucose as insulin needs decrease, while attempting to establish breastfeeding [1]. The mothers with diabetes are less likely to breastfeed their children at 2 and 6 months than mothers without diabetes. In addition to higher education level, delay of establishing breastfeeding affects the likelihood of long-term breastfeeding [2]. Everyday life is often filled with uncertainty and unpredictability for women with diabetes and they often have to down-prioritize their own needs in favor of the child. A feeling of being disconnected from professional care after childbirth further contributes to experiences of extraordinary exposure [1]. Most of these mothers experience considerably more unstable glycaemia, especially the first two months after child birth, and more hypoglycemic episodes in relation to breastfeeding the first six months [3]. Managing diabetes and breastfeeding is a challenge and compared to mothers without diabetes, they are more affected by disruptions in daily life [4]. They report lower levels of general well-being including general health and vitality the first six months after childbirth. Well-being is negatively influenced if breastfeeding affects diabetes management [3]. The need of extended support is apparent and comprises support from both professionals and relatives, but also peer support from mothers with similar experiences of diabetes and childbearing. In order to support these women during a vulnerable life phase, we have identified a need for developing a person-centered support, especially during the post partum period up to 6 month after childbirth [1-4].


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