Presentation Anna Dencker

Anna Dencker

Anna Dencker is a nurse, midwife, PhD and a Postdoctoral fellow. Her research areas are Women’s experiences of childbirth, Oxytocin treatment of slow labour progress, Latent phase of labour, Assessment of perineal tears after childbirth and Methodological Options to Support Assessment of Individualised Care (MOSAIC). Populations of interest are childbearing women and patients with fatigue. She works with quantitative methods, e.g. Randomised Controlled Trials and regression analysis.

She also has knowledge and experience in instrument development/validation and psychometric analysis methods such as factor analysis and RASCH-analysis. As a part of her thesis (awarded diploma for the Sahlgrenska Academy´s best thesis in 2010) she made a psychometric validation of a childbirth experience questionnaire (CEQ). The Childbirth Experience Questionnaire showed good reliability and sensitivity and is currently translated into English, Spanish and Finnish. There are also plans to translate the CEQ into Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Arabic and Persian and to validate the questionnaire for use in England and in Iran.