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Helena Lindgren

Helena Lindgren holds a position as senior lecturer and is also an associate professor at the Sahlgrenska Academy specializing in reproductive and perinatal health. Helena has dual registration as nurse and midwife. She has a PhD in medical science. She has extensive experience from teaching at midwifery programs and master program in care sciences.

Helena has been a member of the editorial board for the monthly midwives’ paper in Sweden for four years and she is the author and editor of two textbooks for midwives (Midwives´ management in normal birth and Reproductive health).

Her research focus has mainly been on different birth settings. Medical outcome and mother´s experiences of home birth have been investigated both in a Swedish context and internationally. The role of the midwife in different settings has been studied with qualitative and quantitative methods. As a principal investigator she runs two different programs: 1) Birth settings for women with an expected normal birth and 2) Prevention of interventions in normal labor and birth. The prevalence and risk factors for perineal trauma in childbirth is in focus for one research project (MIMA – Midwives management in second stage of labor) and an intervention study aiming at investigating effective methods for the protection of the woman´s perineum has been performed and data is being analyzed. Data from all planned home births in the Nordic countries are also being collected and analyzed within the Nordic Homebirth Study. In order to learn more about the well-being of the fetus a population-based study regarding fetal movements in full-term pregnancy has been performed in Sweden and results are being disseminated this year. Helena is also the Swedish PI in international research collaboration with members from nine EU countries and has reached the 2nd step for the Horizon 2020 application (decisions coming in 2015).

Principal investigator for:

  1. Nordic Homebirths – collaboration between four Nordic countries about experiences and outcomes in planned homebirths and low-risk births in hospital. The project has been going in since 2010 and has resulted in four publications. Data is under analysis and another ten publications are in manuscript.
    Partners in this project are Ellen Blix, PhD, RNM. Clinical research center, Tromsö University hospital, Norway, Pål Öian, Obstetrician, professor at Tromsö University hospital, Hanne Hegaard, PhD, RNM, Juliane Marie Research center, Copenhagen, Denmark, Olof Ásta Olofsdóttir, Professor, RNM, Reykjavik University, Iceland
  2. OPTIMICS – Optimal rate of Caesarean sections. A European collaborative project.
    Ank de Jonge, Professor, RNM, and partners at the EMGO Institute of Health and Care Research, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Midwifery Research Network Netherlands (MRN), Prof. Jos van Roosmalen and Dr. Thomas van den Akker from the Department of Medical Humanities, Amsterdam Medical Center.
    Dr. Serena Donati from the Italian National Health Institute, Rome, Italy, INOSS, Prof. Jahn Albrecht from Heidelberg University, Germany are collaborative partners in this project. Professor Peter Brocklehurst, Institute for Women’s Health at University College, London/ National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit, Oxford, U.K. and Dr Jim Zhang from Shanghai Key Laboratory of Children’s Environmental Health, Xinhua Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, China are associate partners and advisory board.
  3. MIMA – Midwive’s management in second stage of labor. Clinical studies on first-time mothers. Partners in this project are professor Ingela Lundgren from the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, professor Vanora Hundley from Bournemouth University, U.K. and professor Ank de Jonge, RNM, the EMGO Institute of Health and Care Research, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Midwifery Research Network Netherlands (MRN).

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