Presentation Marie Rusner

Photo Marie RusnerMarie Rusner is an adjunct lecturer at the Institute for Health and Care Sciences at the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg. She also is research manager and operative manager at Södra Älvsborgs Hospital’s Research Unit in Borås.
Marie is a registered nurse, specialized in psychiatric care and has an Austrian education in psychotherapeutic counselling. She has a PhD degree in Health Sciences (2012). The title of the thesis is: Bipolar disorder – from an existential perspective. Her main focus of research is on health and experiences related to psychiatric issues as bipolar disorder and depression.

Marie´s contribution to the Childbirth Research Group is to create knowledge about sexual and reproductive health among HIV-positive women in Sweden from a holistic caring perspective; a doctoral student research project. Due to the effectiveness of antiretroviral treatment (ART) that has been available since the end of 1980 HIV now is seen as a chronic illness in well-treated persons. Still, being a HIV-positive woman presents unique challenges regarding sexual and reproductive health such as partner relations, sexual satisfaction and child bearing. HIV-positive women are exposed to discrimination. Although sexual and reproductive health is an integrated part of being human they aren’t expected to have a sexual life at all and are being seen as vectors of HIV transmission. Therefore, meanings of sexuality will be explored both through a metasynthesis and through meaning-oriented interviews with HIV-positive women in Sweden. Also, HIV-positive women´s sexual and reproductive health and its impact on quality of life (QOL) will be explored quantitatively.

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